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We have experience in handling many different areas of personal injury law and our Catalysis car accident lawyers are known for getting results. You will meet with us one-on-one for a free consultation regardless of the type of accident. Throughout the process of handling your claim, your injury attorney will cooperate with you closely to ensure that all of your needs are met. You can employ a lawyer for a car crash, a truck accident, a slip and fall lawyer, a medical malpractice attorney, or any other injury lawyer on our team quickly to identify all possible sources of compensation and aggressively pursue the maximum compensation you deserve. In the meantime, you can relax knowing that there is no money owed to you until you receive a payment.

In case of an accident, what should I do?

STEP 1: Call Us Immediately

Get in touch with a injury attorney at bronx injury lawyers p.c. who has experience handling cases like yours. Even when dealing with your own insurance company, you need to speak to an attorney regardless of what's happening to your physical or financial well-being.

Call Us Today.

STEP 2: Make sure you speak with an attorney before you settle with the insurance company. The Philadelphia truck accident lawyers are aware that the health coverage companies will make you an option to settle your claim and give up your rights in exchange for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We also recognize that the amount could be quite useful right now to pay for rent, medical expenditures, and other living costs.

However, because you're not counsel, you run the risk of reaching a fast settlement with insufficient compensation. We are aware of your integrity and your high standards for everyone.   Of course all would like you to be honest, but we also want to defend and stand up for you. Any insurance provider's duty to itself comes first, not even to you.

Even for the most intelligent and educated person cannot compete with the armies of lawyers devoted to defending the company's interests.


Automobile accidents are frequently fatal. Due to their size and weight, large commercial trucks such semi-trucks & 18-wheelers have the potential to cause significant injury or fatality in the case of an accident. So, when a truck accident caused your injuries or the death of a close one, you should contact our Catalysis truck accident lawyers.

It is uncommon for vehicle accident victims being at fault, and you'd be entitled to damages for your losses. At CATALYSIS LAWYERS, we are committed to helping you as well as other victims of truck accidents, obtain just financial compensation. Never pay cash for some of your damages. Go consult an attorney first.

Here are the top four justifications for choosing a truck accident attorney:

  1. The transportation sector is governed by complex federal and state rules, so if those laws are not correctly obeyed, many parties could be liable.
  2. Determining who is responsible for a truck accident can be challenging because there may be numerous parties responsible.
  3. The harm is severe: Truck accidents frequently result in very severe, even fatal, injuries. You frequently require skilled attorneys to ascertain the entire scope of your losses.
  4. A truck accident might pose a challenge in terms of insurance because there may be more than one party at fault. Injuries from truck accidents can be complex, and an experienced attorney will be able to convey with all of your insurance companies on your behalf.

CATALYSIS LAWYERS truck accident lawyers work on contingency in your case. We don't take any payment until you get justice in your favor so later we take a portion of the compensation package you receive.

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